Learn 5 ways data will determine success in 2018

Predictions 2018: Data Drives Media Disruption

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Will your data help you win or lose this year?

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New data privacy regulations will challenge how marketers collect and manage consumer data.

Amazon will disrupt the Google-Facebook duopoly and increase the pressure on independent ad tech vendors.

Multiservice media agencies will consolidate their teams and strategies to seek a competitive edge.

The over-the-top (OTT) market will become increasingly cluttered with consumers revolting over high subscription fees. 

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SRAX is a digital marketing and data management platform delivering the tools to reach and reveal valuable audiences. Through an omnichannel approach that integrates all aspects of the advertising experience into one platform, we discover new and measurable opportunities that amplify campaign performance and maximize profits.

"Predictions 2018: Data Drives Media Disruption" reveals 5 ways data use – including its access and collection – will determine who wins and who loses in the media landscape this year.

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